Get To Know: Natalia Gonzalez Martin

May 09, 2019

Get To Know: Natalia Gonzalez Martin

Anthropological, representational and constantly referential says Spanish artist Natalia Martin Gonzalez when we asked her to describe her works. Historical human creativity is her inspiration.

Natalia in her studio in London

Natalia in her studio in London


Where do you seek inspiration?

In any trace of human creativity, specially from the past.


Who would you like to have dinner with and why?

The Art Historian Neil McGregor, and I'd make sure to bring a notebook to take notes.


Your favorite artist?

Some of my favourite artistic representations lack of a main figure behind its creation, most of them tend to be religious spaces such as temples or churches, I see them as a whole piece of art from their architectural structure to the ornamentation.


Whats playing in your studio right now?

The radio, Absolutely Radio 80's to be precise, I don't like spending time wondering what to listen to.


Do you have a favorite or most meaningful piece?

I don't normally get attached to my own work, I think of every piece as a step towards the next one, an exercise, in my mind, my whole work is based on working towards a final piece that I cannot even picture right now!


PS. Aside from being a talented artist, Natalia Gonzalez Martin has founded an art platform called Subsidiary Projects for artists and curators to test new ideas.


Natalia's works are available on our website.


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