4 Reasons Why People Succeed in the Art Industry

February 28, 2019

4 Reasons Why People Succeed in the Art Industry

Is it by Luck? Is it the experience? Or maybe its their talent? Of course you need to be lucky, experienced and talented to be successful however, there are other reasons why some artists succeed more than the others. So we have put together a list of keys that will help you build a successful art business so that you can achieve your aspirations.
Art is a Business
They do not sit in their studio to wait for the next discovery by a collector. They know their target market and where to sell. Whether it is online or offline platform they look out for the potential marketplace to display their art.

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

No wonder why Andy Warhol called his studio The Factory and identified himself as a business artist. Most people see him as a sold out artist where he had other people make his art and his only goal was to make money. He was vastly influential, still is, he knew this approach would make him a different kind of artist. He was more of a brand than an artist.
Andy Warhol
Power of Social Media
Today’s world, your next potential collector will first google your name and then will look at your social media accounts. People want to see your studio, how you create your art, what kind of thoughts you have while you are creating your piece. Personalize your digital platforms. It is important to have a social media account where you can share your journey with your fans.
Be positive
No matter how talented you are, starting your own business is hard. We have mentioned that success of your career won’t happen overnight. The sooner you accept how much hard work will go into in this journey, the better off you will be.

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