Female Creatives to Have on Your Radar for 2020

February 25, 2020

Female Creatives to Have on Your Radar for 2020

Courtesy of Made By Women

2020 is the year of female creatives. From visual arts and photography to podcasting, curating, and more, there are so many amazing women emerging among the (still very male dominated) art world. The Gallyry, an online magazine and community for women in the arts, has curated a list of wonderful women you should have on your radar this coming year. Check them out...

Nicole Chui: the embroidery artist disrupting norms

Working against the idea that “sewing is just for fashion”, London-based artist and designer Nicole Chui is showing that it’s ok to try new things, make mistakes, and be fearless through her free-style hand embroidery. Chui also aims to reuse her materials while combining sewing, fashion, and art to create designs in a more environmentally conscious way. Discover more about Chui and her fearless free-style embroidery.

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The Thing: breaking down the barriers of networking

People say: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s why The Thing, a free network for women and non-binary people, are aiming to break down the barriers of networking in the precarious creative industries, and create more inclusive spaces. Read an open, honest conversation about the cost of networking, from how to survive when attending events alone to how we can actually start to make networking more inclusive.

Made By Women Zines: celebrating the women artists we love

To address the gender imbalance in the art history canon, Made By Women create zines that celebrate amazing women from art history. Founded by Laura Moseley, and using designs and illustrations by women artists, the zines champion women through and through. Take a peek at the zines made about women, by women.

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_INNEN: the photography collective showing the power of collaboration

Almut, Steffi, Shari, Sabrina, Johanna, Polly, Sophie, and Moena came together in the summer of 2019 to create _INNEN, an all-female photography collective. This diverse group of women bring together their different backgrounds, photography skills, and enthusiasm to collaborate on photography projects, exhibitions, and experiments. Explore their first exhibition held in Berlin last year, encouraging you to “find your lobster”.

Artfully Podcast: ditchy stuffy art lectures for friendly creative chats

Jessie and Liz run the Artfully Podcast to bring art news, gossip, and art history straight to your ears. The Artfully Podcast is also actively moving away from the stereotype of being a stuffy, elitist lecture on art to bring you fun, frank conversations that won’t make you want to fall asleep. Find out more about the hosts and take a listen to their inspiring show.

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The Spaceless Gallery: creating more accessible spaces for art

Founded by Beatrice Masi, The Spaceless Gallery does what is says on the tin; create an accessible environment for art and artists through a series of experiential exhibitions in pop-up locations. Going against the grain of the traditional ‘white cube’ gallery, The Spaceless Gallery is able to create more inclusive spaces that are (literally) out of the box. Get to know the Founder’s vision behind the space.


Discover more amazing female creatives over on The Gallyry.

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