Get to Know: Alice IRWIN

July 18, 2020

Get to Know: Alice IRWIN

Tell us about your studio space - what do you love about it?

My studio is in East London, I have been there for a few years now. My studio isn’t very big and I do dream of one day having a bigger one out of London so I can make a lot more work at once. However, I do love my current studio, it’s like my den where my imagination can be free to work.

The walls are covered with drawings that I take out of my sketchbook and use as places of reference whilst I work.                


Alice Irwin's studio photo taken by Oliver Holms

What are you currently working on in your studio at home?

I have recently moved back down to London. Over lockdown I spent most of my time at my parents house. Whilst I was at home I kept making work and I found myself prolifically drawing. I also started a new printing technique, Lino printing, which is easy to do at home and something new to learn. I have also planned some new sculpture concepts. Some of the work I have been making has been a response to covid-19 and some of it has been new ideas. 


What is your routine during the stay at home?

My routine when at home always starts with a ride on my bike. I find being outside is a good way to clear your head and focus on doing work. I usually plan my day when I wake up. I don’t always follow the plan but I find it gives me a bit of structure, especially when I am at home. 


Whats helping you to stay sane during lockdown?

Being able to still make work. Without being able to make work, I would have gone mad. I also found being outside a good way to keep focused. 


Alice Irwin's studio - Photo taken by Oliver Holms

What’s playing in your studio right now?

Lots of things. Over lockdown I have been able to get a really good chunk of work done. I have completed a few new print series and sculpture concepts. I have an exciting bag collaboration with a young designer, Hand Made Goods. I have been planning lots of new work ideas and just getting them made and thought through. I gave it a massive tidy up to help sort out all my work. 


Alice Irwin's studio- Photo taken by Oliver Holms

Where do you seek inspiration?

This tends to vary. I get a lot of inspiration from my day to day life. I think about the concept of memories and past experiences. I look into play and what play can mean. If I am really stuck I usually put a podcast on and draw whilst listening to the podcast. 


What insights about creativity in a time of crisis can you share with other artists?

I have found that I have had to narrow down what I am working on to keep focused on my work rather than the crisis and what it has affected. I have been using it as a time to catch up on all things that needed to be done that I haven’t had time for.


Discover Alice Irwin's works here.

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