The New Collector’s Guide Part 1

June 16, 2020

The New Collector’s Guide Part 1


You are ready to build the art collection of your dreams but you do not know where  to begin. We are here to answer some basic questions that every new collector have in their mind. If you are ready, let's scroll and see what you need to do before you start collecting and join the collectors club.

Go out and discover

If you are not sure where to start, the best thing is to go out and visit as many gallery as possible. Even better, read about the exhibition reviews before going to any gallery. It is important to understand the artist and her/his idea behind.

If you cannot travel or go out to see an exhibition, internet has many resources you can use. Nowadays, some galleries are offering virtual tour of their recent exhibitions.

Art fairs are another place where you can discover many artworks in one place. In an article by Artsy, Scott Nussbaum, head of 20th-century and contemporary art in New York for Phillips, suggests that “the more time you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it,”


Do not rush

Another important point is to be patient. Do not buy things just because it will be valuable in 10 years. Discover your favorite galleries and artists follow them for a certain time, go to the gallery and talk with their sales managers. Read about the artist search his career and f read artists’ catalogues. Do not rush in to buying artwork. Ask yourself what you want to collect.



Limited edition prints are great way of starting your first art collection. They are more affordable than the actual artwork, and they are still made by the artist that you have been searching for. Limited edition prints are safer to collect when it comes to your budget. You might not feel comfortable spending a lot for the first time, most artists have limited editions. Look for their editions to start.

Here is some limited edition prints for you to discover. Start your art collection today.

Ready to get started? Email us today, our advisors will be in touch with you to start your dream art collection with you.


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