The top art trends you need to know right now!

July 16, 2020

The top art trends you need to know right now!

No doubt art fairs are the places to depict what will be trendy for the next years. But we believe in the power of social media. We have made a little search on social media to find out what people are looking for. Here is our guide includes different mediums, subject matter and colours.


 Alice Irwin 

90s vibe

The 90s are everywhere, and the art and design world is not exempt from this moment. We have started seeing rise of neon art, saturated colors in the colour palettes and powerful geometric patterns.


Art with Text

Strong statements are here and not going anywhere else. Our modern culture made us more independent than before. Nowadays artists are putting their thoughts in words in their art. 

Invest in women artist

Women artist are the future. Art by women is one of the fastest field for art collectors.

According to studies from Sothebys, between 2012 and 2018 found that works by female artists increased significantly more in value than pieces by male artists.

Did you know more than 60% of Artate’s artists are women? We try to increase that number everyday.

Alice Irwin (Available on Artate)

Digital Art

Digital art is the newest art medium. With the rise of internet people started to create art that is exist as digital. Collaborations between artist and brands have always been there but this year we will be seeing more collaborations between digital artist and the brands on social media.

"Art is an experience, not an object." - Robert Motherwell


Limited Edition Prints

Last but not least, our favorite trend will be the rise of limited edition prints. This year Affordable Art Fair is making a space only for limited edition prints in their fair in London.

This medium is worth watching and worth the investment.


Kevin M Gavaghan (Available on Artate)


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