Didem Gozalir (b.1976, Istanbul/Turkey) is a visual artist.  Didem had her first solo exhibition in 2017 in Istanbul. Her works have been exhibited at many national and online exhibitions including Ephesus Museum in Izmir.


Gozalir; works on women portraits and inspired by her mother, whom she calls the most powerful women she has known since her childhood. Gozalir is also influenced by Frida Kahlo. Just like Kahlo, Didem uses the theme of femininity in her art to express herself. She describes her art ; “I am a woman who try to express every emotion of women who are able to reproduce by their nature and who are always in creation, which have been suppressed, silenced, and pained up to this day. For this reason, my works are shaped only with portraits of women. I especially focus on the eyes and gestures of women so that I can describe the pain they experience and say what they do not say. For the same reason, all of my works find expression in one-paragraph text. I love the combination of idea and talent and its clarity. “

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