Elif Çatlıoğlu is an artist, actress and founder and creator of X House Project. Born in 1990 in Istanbul, Elif had her first introduction with the practice and education of art at Ataşehir Adıgüzel Fine Arts Private High school. Between the years of 2008 – 2013 she went Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University to complete her Bachelors Degree within the Fine Arts Department. During this time she was the assistant of Mahir Güven who is also a well known artist within the art community of Istanbul. After the completion of “The Observation & Reading of Fine Arts” study took and got certified in courses of “Pedagogic Formation” and “Entrepreneurship”. Whilst studying for the Masters in Classical Arts & Traditional Practices at Yeditepe University, she continues to practice her art within her own atelier since 2011. 

Elif Çatlıoğlu has designed backstages and decoration for theater acts & plays for the council. Alongside the completion of the theatre play “PAR” backstage, Elif was commissioned for design projects such a BEYMEN Istinye or WEPUBLIC. In 2015 she founded her own company named “X HOUSE” and actively continues to organize lectures, workshops, consultancies and offers such services for boutique firms or corporate companies. During her childhood she participated in acting classes. Therefor she actively takes place in many current advertisement projects. Elif Çatlıoğlu’s atelier is in Moda, Kadıköy where she organizes many different indoor or outdoor events.

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