Belmin Pilevneli - To Belong (Solo Exhibition)

Belmin Pilevneli’s new exhibition “To Belong” is questioning the themes of intimate feelings, purity, relationships and love. Pilevneli is inspired by her previous exhibitions an works but this time she looks at these themes from a different perspective.

This time the artist focuses on the main theme of “to belong” the need to belong to someone or a place and she questions its limitation to a single person or a place.

Pilevneli’s exhibition consists of two series that created during the 2020 - 2021 pandemic: “A Mundane Relationship's Mundane Story” and “Dance of East and West”. Although these  two series are not exactly the same, but they complements each other by being created during the same time period. Belmin Pilevneli asks the same question of “Why do we feel the need to belong?” in both series.

In “A Mundane Relationship's Mundane Story” she narrates the beginning, the process, the feeling and the end of the relationship.This process is depicted in the purest way, with colors and amorphous shapes, using acrylic on canvas technique. Although the style of the paintings can be defines as expressionist, Pilevneli says that the titles convey the processes in the relationship quite clearly, and the paintings can be seen as abstract. She keeps the painting sizes not so big to emphasize the banality of the relationships. Each painting describes a different times of the relationship. Therefore, as an audience we can see the time period of the each feelings are very short. The artist questions that people try to find a meaning in their relationship very quickly and their desire to belong to a person or a relationship.

In “Dance of East and West”  serie, we see how different cultures colourful worlds intervene with each other. It can be seen that the soft lines of amorphous forms gather in the center and Pilevneli illustrates different cultures by their classical motifs or colours and forms. Just like in “A Mundane Relationship's Mundane Story” serie, the artist questions a person's need to feel belonging to a certain culture. In fact, she depicts the difficulty of separating the cultures from each and its effects on people in today’s  globalized world. Each work is made on embossed papers with embossing technique, but the used materials are different since each work represents different cultures. The original printing technique, embossing, acrylic, ink, black / color pencil drawings were used together.

Discover Belmin Pilevneli's works here.

Click here to view the virtual exhibition.

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