Our Mountains, Our Clouds

Belmin Pilevneli


Embossing Print

Certification of Authenticity

fSigned by the artist


About the work:

In “Dance of East and West”  serie, we see how different cultures colourful worlds intervene with each other. It can be seen that the soft lines of amorphous forms gather in the center and Pilevneli illustrates different cultures by their classical motifs or colours and forms. Just like in “A Mundane Relationship's Mundane Story” serie, the artist questions a person's need to feel belonging to a certain culture. In fact, she depicts the difficulty of separating the cultures from each and its effects on people in today’s  globalized world. Each work is made on embossed papers with embossing technique, but the used materials are different since each work represents different cultures. The original printing technique, embossing, acrylic, ink, black / color pencil drawings were used together.

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